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Ulquiorra Schiffer
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All who stand in Aizen-sama's way is trash. Trash is to be obliterated.

RP journal for huecomundo. Played by wabisuke. Also plays Kira Izuru and Doldoni.

Ulquiorra is Cuatro Espada of Aizen's army, serving as a scout and then supervisor of several of key missions (including the capture and care of Orihime) entrusted to him.

In the game, Ulquiorra was formerly the Primera Espada of Aizen's army. But when Aizen created three more arrancar greater than Ulquiorra, the Primera found his number changed to Cuatro - the fourth most powerful Espada. He is not too happy about this, of course, but he will accept his fate as Aizen sees fit.

Ulquiorra is a rather callous creature, focused on logic and facts rather than troubling things such as emotions and passion. He seems to lack emotion in every corner of his being. If he feels something, he most likely will not show it. His melancoly mask of a visage seems to drive this point endlessly.

However, this does not mean he does not care about anything. He is a very serious and analytical arrancar and if any of his comrades gets out of line, he will be quick to put them in their place. For this reason, he does not get along with his more passionate peers such as Grimmjow.

His loyalty to Aizen is very strong and he will fight to the end for his cause. This seems to make some impact on Aizen as Aizen seems to trust him greatly unlike others.

Like all other arrancar, Ulquiorra has very tough skin and he often relies on hand-to-hand combat. Literally. For this reason, his zanpaktou has yet to have its abilities revealed (for the sake of keeping to canon, they will remain unused for now). He also is capable of ceros and balas as well as being able to deflect attacks with his bare hands.

He also has the ability to open garganta and move freely between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

His more unusual ability that only he has demonstrated is the ability to replay events that he had witnessed to others by removing and shattering his left eye. Its particles then flow around his audience who are then able to see what he has seen. The eye then somehow regenerates and one can assume that this is a reusable ability.
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